The election was a jolt. A rude awakening to see more, learn more and be more involved in the day to day governing of our country. 

Every day, we're reminded just how much work there is to do. And like any new job, we're eager to roll up our sleeves and get sh*t done.



But we have to remember that this is a now long-term commitment - and we can't afford to burn out.

Yoga For the Revolution offers real-life tools that can help keep us strong, focused and sane for the next four years, and beyond.

A weekly dose of ancient wisdom for modern activists.


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Carrie Ingoglia, E-200/500 RYT, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, is the writer and producer of Yoga For the Revolution. As a yoga teacher, she is known for her accessibility, humor and compassion. A warrior for the breath, she sees yoga, meditation and breath-work as nothing less than real-world survival skills.

Carrie teaches regularly at Pranavah Studio in Long Island City, Queens as well as at workshops, festivals and retreats. She also coaches private yoga. Find out more here

An award-winning Copywriter and Creative Director, she has also worked in digital marketing for 15 years.   


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