Episode 63 - Chakra and Awe, Part II

We talk about the dangers of magic escapism in the form of “wellness” and then dive back into the Chakra System. Each chakra has its own personality, like Snow White’s 7 dwarves. They are inherently messy, sometimes fight with each other and cause trouble, but, at the end of the day, they love you very much. 

Comparing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to the Chakra system is not unique. Here are just a couple of articles that talk about the same. 

And another discussing the third eye center in relation to Christian traditions.

Episode 62 - Chakra and Awe

Before Urban Outfitters starts selling meditation cushions to match your swadhistana, let's take a moment to explore a little background on what chakras are and where this ancient system comes from. 

This is the first of a two-parter, but I don't end this episode with a cliff-hanger. Spoiler alert. 

Also, here's a link to Robert Krulwich talking about bees and hexagons. Yes, it's relevant to this episode. 

Episode 61 - Self-Care, Escapism and Non-Violence

Welcome to another year of yoga and activism. This episode we discuss why self-care is necessary and why it’s not nearly enough. We talk about how no one should be able to OM their way out of taking action and, finally, I plead for your input on future episodes of the show. 

Here's the episode of Codeswitch about "Going Off the Reservation."

Learn more about Refilling Your Well, with Priti Robyn Ross. 

And this is my latest version of escapism, from the 188sqft folks.


Episode 53 - Practice: Pratyhara

In this series we're focusing on "just the practice." This episode offers a simple introduction to the concept and practice of sense withdrawal - or pratyhara. It's perfectly ok to shut out the world every once in a while, especially if the goal is to go deeper inside your own self. 

Note:  I do offer some alternatives for meditative driving, but, in general, don't close your eyes while you're in charge of the vehicle. I shouldn't have to say that. But just in case. 



Episode 51 - Practice: Kapalabhati Breathing

In this series we focus on “just the practice.” Today, a led practice of what is sometimes called skull shining breath, or kapalabhati. Great for clearing out stagnancy, getting unstuck and infusing yourself with energy. Side note: Get your tissues handy because this one will also clear your sinuses.

Episode 49 - Death, Liberation and Sandwiches

Final in our series on the kleshas, we talk about death, life and liberation. Somehow I manage to describe the fear of death to a gross deli sandwich. I only mention sexual harassment once. And Moonstruck contains all the secrets to the meaning of life. 

Here are past episodes on the kleshas:

Attachment Episode 33 - Attachment, Sam Wheat and Hamlet 

Ignorance Episode 41 - The Kleshas, The Ignorati and the Goal of Yoga

Ego Episode 44 - Labels, Asmita and the True Self

Aversion Episode 48 - The Hazards of Aversion

Episode 48 - The Hazards of Aversion

Fourth in a series of five shows discussing the kleshas - the obstacles to liberation - this time we talk about two sides to the same distracting coin, aversion and attraction,  and what happens when we let our dislikes dictate the way we are in the world around us. Plus, we play a fun game that isn't really either and I couldn't go a whole show without mentioning the patriarchy. 

Episode 47 - Ayurveda, A Bubble Bath and Toppling the Government

We discuss the Ayurvedic definition of health and, in this hellscape of relentless bad news, why tending to your whole health is not as futile and purposeless as rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. 

It's Thanksgiving week and I am grateful for my health and for these notes by Seth Abramson about our current administrations tendencies to terrorize the citizenry, because they made me feel less alone. 

Episode 46 - Low Self, High Self, True Self, No Self

The briefest of forays into Hinduism, Buddhism and Western selfishness allows us to examine how we define Self and how we behave in the world. We discuss the glorious Rube Goldberg machine that is the human embodied existence and whether or not there is an enduring candle flame amidst the winds of whatever. 

The article by Robert Write, Buddhism Is More 'Western' Than You Think.

One example of a Rube Goldberg machine, a deliberately complicated contraption where a series of linked things interact in order to perform a relatively simply task. See also, life.

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