Episode 97 - How To Be Mindful When the World Is Falling Apart

On this episode of Yoga For the Revolution, we’re talking about how to stay resilient, and present, through mindfulness when the world takes yet another shift towards madness.

Meaning, what the hell are we supposed to do now?

Alvin Soon, “What Buddhists Do When Things Fall Apart

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Episode 96 - Self Care Beyond the Self

Today on Yoga For the Revolution we'll talk about the difference between building resilience and mindfulness and ‘consumer self care’ and talk about how self-care can go beyond the self, to collective care. 

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Here are some of the items and articles referred to in the show:

“This Is What Self Care Really Means Because Its Not All Salt Baths and Chocolate Cake”

“Real Self Care”

“A Shift So Subtle: Presence As A Practice For Being Better For The Collective”

Unwind Yoga Retreat at Dragonfly

Episode 95 - Meditation, Magic and Saving Yourself

When things seem hopeless, when we don't know if we're doing enough, or even if what we are doing matters what else can we do but go back to the practice? Breathe and sit. Today on Yoga For the Revolution we talk about meditation: What we think it's supposed to be, what it feels like, why we aren't doing it and more.

We talk mostly about seated, mindfulness meditation but we do mention different kinds of meditation. Here’s Thich Nhat Hanh on Walking Meditation.

Episode 93 - Our Bodies, Our Selves. I Said Ours. Lay Off.

On this episode of Yoga For the Revolution, we talk about our physical bodies and our emotional relationship to them as well as our cultural impulse to control our bodies or other people’s bodies and how yoga fits in to all this.

The Myth of The Yoga Body by Lily Silverton

More information and wise words from Valerie Sagun at Big Gal Yoga.

Please check out the work of Dana Falsetti. This is her site and her Instagram.

Accessible Yoga has a very inspiring mission statement you can read here and dive into their work overall here.

Episode 91 - Empathy and A World Without Love

Are we losing our ability to empathize with fellow humans? Is it the fault of technology or the GOP? Today we discuss connecting and disconnecting, the difference between sympathy and empathy - and the ability to re-learn connection. 

Here are articles and items referenced in this episode:

“I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People” by Kayla Chadwick

“Keep Your Head Up: How Smartphone Addiction Kills Manners and Moods” by Adam Popescu

“Empathy: College students don’t have as much as they used to”

“In A World Without Empathy” by John Driggs

“Empathy vs Sympathy” narrated by Brene Brown

Episode 90 - Forgiveness, Fear and Laziness

Today we’re talking about forgiveness, fear and laziness. We'll touch on why life requires more nuance than the good guys staying good and the bad guys disappearing - and how compassionate accountability is the only way forward. I’m also going to share a brief meditation on forgiveness towards the end of the show.

Here are a few items references on the show:

Louis C.K.’s controversial comeback attempt, explained

Why You Should Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Jonathan Foust, talks and meditations

Episode 88 - Intention, Action and The Gunas

Two people each take the same action. One does so out of protest, one out of compassion. Does intention matter? Yoga says yes. Today we discuss the gunas of intention when it comes to meditation, voting and everything else we do.

A few references from the show:

Mastering The Gunas: The Bhagavad Gita's Guide to Self-Transformation

Buddhist Leaders Condemn Child Separation at US-Mexico Border

Private yoga coaching in NYC area: Just Regular Yoga

Episode 84 - Pursuit of Happiness, Part II

In Part II of this discussion on happiness, we ask if humans built to be happy? Can we shift our focus from our external circumstances to our internal monologue? There's some talk of nihilism, I realize that all-positive-all-the-time is not my thing, and, I mispronounce the names of at least two people who are smarter than me.

Before we get into the science, here are a few ways you can speak out against the destruction of Title X, the nation's only family planning program.





Next! Lots of reference material for this episode. Here's a rundown.

”Nature didn't want us to get fat and happy too quickly. And likewise, if animals were designed to get depressed and stay depressed, that might not be very sensible either." Thanks, Andrew Oswald, PhD. 

"Anything shiny and new in life — like a job, or a sweater, or a spouse — is exhilarating, until it becomes the thing we get sick of seeing every damn day." Good times about the Happiness Set Point.  

"Many of our priorities around happiness are completely erroneous." Sweet. Let's learn some more about How to Be Happy

"Happiness comes more easily to those who have adopted a certain way of looking at things." You're my kind of guy, Raj Raghunathan Ph.D.

Episode 81 - Despair, Action and a Cheese Grater

I compare living under this administration to being rubbed raw by a giant cheese grater. We double down on our tagline - self care in the age of resistance - and try not to get lost in a sea of despair. We talk about moving toward action when besieged on all sides by fascism. And I remind you to follow John Lewis on Twitter.

Episode 80 - Ishvara Pranidhana And the Micro, Macro (or The Universe Is My Copilot)

We go from micro to macro, talk about ego as a helpful parasite, and get into the murky waters of what exactly it is that choose to worship.

Here's some additional reading on Ishvara Pranidhana from Ekhart Yoga and Yoga Journal.

Also, we're going on a break. Here are some links to all the Yamas and Niyamas Episodes to fill your time.

Yamas: Ahimsa and Satya, Asteya, Bramacharya, Aparigraha

Niyamas: SauchaSantoshaTapasSvadhyaya



Episode 79 - Divine Secrets of the Svadhyaya Sisterhood

We dive into self-study, svadhyaya, and the difference between navel-gazing non-judgmental self-observation. We call for compassion study of our country and, for a moment, discuss turn of the century dystopian ex-patriot fiction and why we all have a chubby, little guy inside our brains and hearts who stops in the middle of the road to look at pebbles.

Ask your Senators to use Congress' oversight authority to stop separating families at the U.S. border. The ACLU helps you do just that

The Mighty Ya Ya Priestesses: There's really a lot to unpack here, but perhaps another time. 

And oh, what the heck, here's this too. 

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