Episode 84 - Pursuit of Happiness, Part II

In Part II of this discussion on happiness, we ask if humans built to be happy? Can we shift our focus from our external circumstances to our internal monologue? There's some talk of nihilism, I realize that all-positive-all-the-time is not my thing, and, I mispronounce the names of at least two people who are smarter than me.

Before we get into the science, here are a few ways you can speak out against the destruction of Title X, the nation's only family planning program.





Next! Lots of reference material for this episode. Here's a rundown.

”Nature didn't want us to get fat and happy too quickly. And likewise, if animals were designed to get depressed and stay depressed, that might not be very sensible either." Thanks, Andrew Oswald, PhD. 

"Anything shiny and new in life — like a job, or a sweater, or a spouse — is exhilarating, until it becomes the thing we get sick of seeing every damn day." Good times about the Happiness Set Point.  

"Many of our priorities around happiness are completely erroneous." Sweet. Let's learn some more about How to Be Happy

"Happiness comes more easily to those who have adopted a certain way of looking at things." You're my kind of guy, Raj Raghunathan Ph.D.

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