Episode 45 - Desire, Sandwiches and the Thirst of Being Human

In our conversation about the kleshas (the obstacles to liberation) we talk about raga or desire and The Princess Bride. I also manage to take a sandwich metaphor way too far for my own good. 

Here is a link to the book, The Dharma of 'The Princess Bride' by Ethan Nichtern, which I both quote in this episode and highly recommend. 

There's a lot in here about whether desire is an obstacle to liberation - is it good or bad or neither? And through that discussion, I referenced a few back episodes that might be of interest. 

Episode 33 - Attachment, Sam Wheat and Hamlet includes a discussion of attachment and its relationship to desire and liberation.

Both Episodes 41 and 44 are about the obstacles to liberation as put forth by Patanjali, while Episode 41 introduces the idea of the kleshas and mentions who Patanjali is and what the Yoga Sutras are.  

Episode 41 - The Kleshas, The Ignorati and the Goal of Yoga

Episode 44 - Labels, Asmita and the True Self

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