Episode 39 - From Hot Hot Heat to Kool And The Gang

When the season goes from ‘too hot to handle’ to ‘too cold to hold’, we shift our food and lifestyle to accommodate the change. Ayurveda teaches us how - so we'll go over some basic guidelines, I'll say some sanskrit you don't have to remember and we'll go along our merry way.

Here are the 20 Gunas, or qualities, if you're interested:

Heavy (guru)                    Light in weight (laghu)

Slow or Dull (manda)       Sharp, penetrating (tikshna)

Cold (hima or shita)         Hot (ushna)

Oily  (snigdha or sneha)   Dry (ruksha)

Smooth (shlakshna)          Rough (khara)

Dense or solid (sandra)     Liquid (drava)

Soft (mridu)                       Hard (kathina)

Static or stable (sthira)      Mobile or unstable (chala)

Gross or big (sthula)          Subtle (sukshma)

Slimy or sticky (picchila)   Clear or non-slimy (vishada)

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