Episode 72 - "Authenticity Isn't Real" with Kaila Tova

I talk with Kaila Tova, a fellow podcaster, former health coach, and student of life, about marketing and feminism and what happens when people become the product, instead of being people. There’s also a brief but important note that fit bits are evil.

Kaila and I met as she researched her latest project, Your Body, Your Brand, which you can read all about here

And just in case you're not a link-clicker, here's something from Your Body, Your Brand:

The Your Body, Your Brand podcast brings experts in sales, marketing, branding, feminism, and coaching into conversation with coaches, entrepreneurs, and diet consumers to ask: 
Why do women keep dropping out of the workforce to sell diet/fitness/body image coaching?
Why do people keep getting invested in following "solopreneurs" with fitness/diet/body image brands? 
Is becoming a brand based on your body ever a good thing?

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