Episode 84 - Pursuit of Happiness, Part II

In Part II of this discussion on happiness, we ask if humans built to be happy? Can we shift our focus from our external circumstances to our internal monologue? There's some talk of nihilism, I realize that all-positive-all-the-time is not my thing, and, I mispronounce the names of at least two people who are smarter than me.

Before we get into the science, here are a few ways you can speak out against the destruction of Title X, the nation's only family planning program.





Next! Lots of reference material for this episode. Here's a rundown.

”Nature didn't want us to get fat and happy too quickly. And likewise, if animals were designed to get depressed and stay depressed, that might not be very sensible either." Thanks, Andrew Oswald, PhD. 

"Anything shiny and new in life — like a job, or a sweater, or a spouse — is exhilarating, until it becomes the thing we get sick of seeing every damn day." Good times about the Happiness Set Point.  

"Many of our priorities around happiness are completely erroneous." Sweet. Let's learn some more about How to Be Happy

"Happiness comes more easily to those who have adopted a certain way of looking at things." You're my kind of guy, Raj Raghunathan Ph.D.

Episode 81 - Despair, Action and a Cheese Grater

I compare living under this administration to being rubbed raw by a giant cheese grater. We double down on our tagline - self care in the age of resistance - and try not to get lost in a sea of despair. We talk about moving toward action when besieged on all sides by fascism. And I remind you to follow John Lewis on Twitter.

Episode 80 - Ishvara Pranidhana And the Micro, Macro (or The Universe Is My Copilot)

We go from micro to macro, talk about ego as a helpful parasite, and get into the murky waters of what exactly it is that choose to worship.

Here's some additional reading on Ishvara Pranidhana from Ekhart Yoga and Yoga Journal.

Also, we're going on a break. Here are some links to all the Yamas and Niyamas Episodes to fill your time.

Yamas: Ahimsa and Satya, Asteya, Bramacharya, Aparigraha

Niyamas: SauchaSantoshaTapasSvadhyaya



Episode 79 - Divine Secrets of the Svadhyaya Sisterhood

We dive into self-study, svadhyaya, and the difference between navel-gazing non-judgmental self-observation. We call for compassion study of our country and, for a moment, discuss turn of the century dystopian ex-patriot fiction and why we all have a chubby, little guy inside our brains and hearts who stops in the middle of the road to look at pebbles.

Ask your Senators to use Congress' oversight authority to stop separating families at the U.S. border. The ACLU helps you do just that

The Mighty Ya Ya Priestesses: There's really a lot to unpack here, but perhaps another time. 

And oh, what the heck, here's this too. 

Episode 78 - Tapas, Obsession And the Discipline of Tiny Plates

Tapas is at the heart of the Niyamas. It's described as self-discipline or a fiery passion that burns off ego and impurities. So how do we keep from self-immolating?

A few notes from the top of the show - if you choose to participate in some self-discipline for the greater good please consider a kind of engaged tapas to keep pressure on our government to do something about gun access and gun violence. And please vote. 

Also, Dr. Jeff Migdow on tapas at yogaglo.com.

And the entire Lois Nesbit article that I love so much is here


Episode 77 - Santosha and Satisfaction

We explore the niyama Santosha, contentment, and take lessons from Chogyam Trungpa, Teddy Roosevelt and Beyoncé as we try to avoid striving, hiding and spiritual bypassing.

Once again I get down on social media. I talk about anger-phobia and the search for purity. And in the end I follow a patch of light around the room like a cat. 

Here is some further reading on the subject of spiritual bypassing. 

And a snippet from Chogyam Trungpa about Basic Goodness. 

Episode 76 - Part 2: Wild Country with Carol Horton

Part two of a thought provoking conversation with writer, educator and activist Carol Horton, PhD wherein we discuss the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, The Rolling Stones and whether or not context is really enough. Carol expresses her concern for the future of our country and somehow still manages to remain positive.

Once again, you can find the documentary Netlfix.

Visit Carol Horton's website and learn more about the mission and actions of the Yoga Service Council who are working to make yoga and mindfulness truly accessible to all. 

Episode 75 - Wild Country with Carol Horton

Part one of a wide ranging conversation with writer, educator and activist Carol Horton, PhD. We kick off talking about the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country and travel down a winding road of thought provoking inquiry and commentary about perception, context and consciousness. 

You can see the documentary on Netlfix.

Please also visit Carol Horton's website and learn more about the mission and actions of the Yoga Service Council who are working to make yoga and mindfulness truly accessible to all. 

Episode 72 - "Authenticity Isn't Real" with Kaila Tova

I talk with Kaila Tova, a fellow podcaster, former health coach, and student of life, about marketing and feminism and what happens when people become the product, instead of being people. There’s also a brief but important note that fit bits are evil.

Kaila and I met as she researched her latest project, Your Body, Your Brand, which you can read all about here

And just in case you're not a link-clicker, here's something from Your Body, Your Brand:

The Your Body, Your Brand podcast brings experts in sales, marketing, branding, feminism, and coaching into conversation with coaches, entrepreneurs, and diet consumers to ask: 
Why do women keep dropping out of the workforce to sell diet/fitness/body image coaching?
Why do people keep getting invested in following "solopreneurs" with fitness/diet/body image brands? 
Is becoming a brand based on your body ever a good thing?

Episode 70 - Every Day Ayurveda

Today we talk about how unbalanced the world is and extoll the virtues of Dina Carya, the daily Ayurvedic routine. We run through an optimal morning as prescribed by ancient rishis - and how to adapt your routine for real life. We also talk about poop, but only for a second. 

Episode 69 - Dating and Quantum Mechanics

We chat about yoga and, in and of relationships. What tools come in to play and how important is it that your partner is on the path? Want to hear the musings of just some regular lady? Here you go.

In physics, the observer effect is the theory that simply observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes that phenomenon. Read more...

And also, here's that book, The Dharma of The Princess Bride, by Ethan Nichtern.

Episode 68 - Juju All Day with Amy Day

I'm incredibly excited to share this interview with Amy Day of Back Pocket Juju. We discuss what yogic Instagram would really look like, how to stop navel-gazing and put your good work out in the world, and how sharing tea with a stranger can change everything. 

Please check out Amy's work at Back Pocket Juju. Learn more about her free monthly full moon call, here. And, for those of you in the creative space, she's currently offering a course specially made for you called Marketing For Mystics. She's very smart and I encourage you to check out her stuff.

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