Episode 68 - Juju All Day with Amy Day

I'm incredibly excited to share this interview with Amy Day of Back Pocket Juju. We discuss what yogic Instagram would really look like, how to stop navel-gazing and put your good work out in the world, and how sharing tea with a stranger can change everything. 

Please check out Amy's work at Back Pocket Juju. Learn more about her free monthly full moon call, here. And, for those of you in the creative space, she's currently offering a course specially made for you called Marketing For Mystics. She's very smart and I encourage you to check out her stuff.

Episode 67 - Eat The World

In this episode we scratch the surface of Ayurveda’s perspective - not only on what to eat - but when and how. Quick clue: mindfully. We’re talking about how, when, and what to eat to be an efficient human machine whose goal is to attain liberation - not to look good in high waisted pants.

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Amygdala, Ayurveda and Curling Your Tongue

In this episode we talk about how the body responds to anger, its evolutionary advantages, and systemic disadvantages. Follow a simple breathing technique to help your lower the volume on that hot, hot rage machine stoked by the flames of the GOP.


Groundhog Day, Trump and the Muddy, Icky Stuckness

In this episode we talk about springtime, repeating patterns and being stuck on a loop. We also do a quick Ayurveda review and introduce some balancing breath work that claims to make our skulls all shiny. 


So much air. So much movement.

This episode we discuss why a bumble bee would make a horrible partner on a teeter totter and somehow I manage to call the human skull an auditorium. Moreover, we talk about vata dosha and practice a breath to bring it all in.


From Hot Hot Heat to Kool And The Gang

When the season goes from ‘too hot to handle’ to ‘too cold to hold’, we shift our food and lifestyle to accommodate the change. Ayurveda teaches us how - so we'll go over some basic guidelines, I'll say some sanskrit you don't have to remember and we'll go along our merry way.

Episode 66 - Outrage, Mindfulness and Sustainable Action

We talk a little bit about outrage and commitment to action. How do we respond when tragedy strikes? Where does our energy go? And how can we use it to fuel change when everything is on fire around us?

If you have not already discovered it, here is the link to Every Town, committed to ending gun violence.  

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I'm also currently appreciating this article by Michael Ian Black, The Boys Are Not All Right.

Episode 63 - Chakra and Awe, Part II

We talk about the dangers of magic escapism in the form of “wellness” and then dive back into the Chakra System. Each chakra has its own personality, like Snow White’s 7 dwarves. They are inherently messy, sometimes fight with each other and cause trouble, but, at the end of the day, they love you very much. 

Comparing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to the Chakra system is not unique. Here are just a couple of articles that talk about the same. 

And another discussing the third eye center in relation to Christian traditions.

Episode 62 - Chakra and Awe

Before Urban Outfitters starts selling meditation cushions to match your swadhistana, let's take a moment to explore a little background on what chakras are and where this ancient system comes from. 

This is the first of a two-parter, but I don't end this episode with a cliff-hanger. Spoiler alert. 

Also, here's a link to Robert Krulwich talking about bees and hexagons. Yes, it's relevant to this episode. 

Episode 61 - Self-Care, Escapism and Non-Violence

Welcome to another year of yoga and activism. This episode we discuss why self-care is necessary and why it’s not nearly enough. We talk about how no one should be able to OM their way out of taking action and, finally, I plead for your input on future episodes of the show. 

Here's the episode of Codeswitch about "Going Off the Reservation."

Learn more about Refilling Your Well, with Priti Robyn Ross. 

And this is my latest version of escapism, from the 188sqft folks.


Episode 53 - Practice: Pratyhara

In this series we're focusing on "just the practice." This episode offers a simple introduction to the concept and practice of sense withdrawal - or pratyhara. It's perfectly ok to shut out the world every once in a while, especially if the goal is to go deeper inside your own self. 

Note:  I do offer some alternatives for meditative driving, but, in general, don't close your eyes while you're in charge of the vehicle. I shouldn't have to say that. But just in case. 



Episode 51 - Practice: Kapalabhati Breathing

In this series we focus on “just the practice.” Today, a led practice of what is sometimes called skull shining breath, or kapalabhati. Great for clearing out stagnancy, getting unstuck and infusing yourself with energy. Side note: Get your tissues handy because this one will also clear your sinuses.

Episode 49 - Death, Liberation and Sandwiches

Final in our series on the kleshas, we talk about death, life and liberation. Somehow I manage to describe the fear of death to a gross deli sandwich. I only mention sexual harassment once. And Moonstruck contains all the secrets to the meaning of life. 

Here are past episodes on the kleshas:

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